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Poetry Please
The following is only a small portion of Sherri's work. For more, see the forthcoming Soul of My Soul, a book of poetry.
Soul of My Soul
I know what lives within my heart,
Know the feelings I must convey,
But I'm not sure I can find the words
To say what my soul must say.
There is something more to me deep inside
In a place I barely know,
Where time stands still and love is pure,
There resides the soul of my soul.
And from that place where joy lives
Bursts forth what cannot be denied—
A spiral of light that is your soul
From a place that is void of pride.
You say that I do not love you,
But how can you ever know
Till you journey to a place time eternal—
The home of the soul of my soul.
In that space not awake yet unsleeping,
My light will reach out and you'll know
That this love is forever worth keeping—
The love from the soul of my soul.
And so I shall love you forever,
No matter this life the role
I am destined to play on a lonely stage
Far removed from the soul of my soul.
No One Greater
(For Devin & Christopher)
From the knight to the philospher,
From sea to shining sea,
There is no one greater than myself
In the midst of calamity.
When times are at their hardest,
That is when I meet the best
Of the person living deep inside,
Endurance the hardest test.
And when I think I can't go on,
I find indeed I do;
There is no limit to my strength
When I think there's no way through.
When loneliness overwhelms me,
When the wolves are at my door,
There is nothing I cannot overcome,
Nothing and so much more.
So when I'm feeling lonely,
When I think I've lost my way,
I remember I'm still here and strong,
Growing greater every day.
Should Have Been
I should have been born a wild stallion
Or the wind that blows through the trees
A bottomless well with secrets to tell
And the spirit to do as I please
I should have been born a bright star
Far from the blazing noon
With a blue velvet sky to hold me up high
While I dance by the light of the moon
I should have been born a great river
That runs, becomes one with the sea
High I would ride on the changing tide
And laugh with the whale on my knee
I should have been born an oak tree
Or the stone that builds castle and lair
A poet of rhyme to while away time
In an eternity righteous and fair
I should have been born a rainbow
Or the fairy of legend and grace
An immortal knight with a noble plight
Mermaid with an angel's face
Alas, I was born a mere woman
With so little time to embrace
The beauty and riches around me
Before touching the Master's face.
Starting Over Again
Weary and tired with a heart that's broken
Years of pain, love's only token
Pick yourself up and keep on hopin'
That's starting over again.
Sleeping alone through the darkest night
Then waking alone in the morning light
To find your way with no help in sight
That's starting over again.
Finding the strength to move ahead
Laughing aloud when you're full of dread
Living your life when you'd rather be dead
That's starting over again.
One step forward and two steps back
Wondering if luck is something you lack
Crying the tears that you can't hold back
That's starting over again.
Earth and Sky
Somewhere between the earth and sky
You stole my heart away;
I didn't even know it,
Simply found it gone one day.
Beneath the moon, beneath the stars,
Beneath the milky way,
I fell in love and found in you
A kindred soul; please stay.
The world is ruthless, heartless, cruel,
But in your arms was born
A place that's safe, a harbor warm
To keep me from life's storms.
And when I think of you, my heart,
My body and my soul
All tremble with resounding joy;
Pray never let me go.
We've traveled far like pilgrims lost
To find one love to last,
And now we fear what lies ahead;
We must forget the past!
I found the courage deep inside
To let this love begin;
I hope you see it in my eyes,
How deep a love I'm in.
And if you ever doubt my heart,
Or think my motives wrong,
Just wrap your arms around me,
And feel this love so strong.
Beneath the moon, beneath the stars,
I'll pledge my love to you;
Somewhere between the earth and sky,
I hope you'll love me, too.
The Far Away Sea
I walked beside the far away sea
And thought of my fork in the road;
One way might lead to happiness,
The other right back to my load.
I dreamt of those who love me
As I floated away on the breeze,
And the far away sea washed up on the shore
And brought my soul back to me.
If my spirit belonges to no one else
With only myself to please,
I'd turn and run into the tide,
Become one with the faraway sea.
Half my life has been lived in hell;
Is it wrong to want heaven now?
How do you tell the ones you love
You've forsaken them all some how?
How do you take your fate in your hands
And turn it all to the wind?
Wash yourself clean in the far away sea,
And start all over again.
One Day
If happiness is not meant for me,
And love and laughter will never be,
Then take my heart, and set it free
Like a butterfly on the run.
Fly me away on wings of light
Through azure skies and gardens bright,
Gently leave me to my flight,
So that one day love may come.
New Orleans
In quiet moments when the sky darkens
And rain trickles like teardrops from the clouds,
I remember the emotions of another place,
Another time not so long ago
When you were by my side;
Happy voices—the trill of laughter;
Sadness—the voice of tears;
Joyful hellos followed by good-byes that came too quickly;
Time passed like water through a sieve
In that city I love so much.
And so I returned to this other place,
A place of loneliness,
And to the sorrow of a life that has never
Allowed the sun to pass through its blinds of despair,
To a bed filled with dreams that mingle with nightmares,
To the hope of something more to come
Entwined with the fear of an evermore of nothingness.
Lovers pass by in the rain, laughing and unaware,
Tangled in private ecstasy;
Their black umbrellas open to envelop the night and their intimacy,
Blotting out the pain of remembrance
And bringing me back to the business of living without you;
With aching heart, I push hard at the memory of you,
Fighting the desire, the longing for something I can never possess—
But everything that is you pushes back,
Forcing me to hold you tenderly
To the very heart that threatens to break.
Magnolias, jazz, and fiery founts,
Hurricanes and French Quarter parades,
A city of tombs on a cloudy afternoon at the brink of Spring;
Surrounded by the dead and wanting so much to finally live,
To come alive and love on Rue Bourbon at midnight
And laugh like Eve with her lover
In the sunshine of a Garden District restaurant,
While branches of pecan trees waltz boldly overhead;
All romantic notions that quickly give way
To the reality of fragile, awkward moments never to be recaptured;
Moments filled with harsh words never to be unspoken
And spilled tears begging for love without reproach.
Our lips never touched in those early morning hours,
Nor did the gentle candlelight ever warm our bodies as one—
Yet the passion that trembles inside,
The unrequited love still harbored painfully and quietly within
Is as much a part of me as my memories of
Bourbon Street at midnight and fiery fountains,
French Quarter parades and magnolia trees,
Garden District restaurants and the somber dead,
And that great and wonderful river
Running through the midst of a city that never sleeps.
All my life I shall mourn missed opportunity,
Those fragile moments that passed me by like lovers in the rain;
Imagining always the many things we might have seen,
Might have felt,
Might have been together,
You and I,
In New Orleans.