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Music to write to
Rock and roll, pop, country & western and the blues have their places in my kitchen, bedroom and car, but when it comes to a blank canvas (my mind at times) that needs some paint (inspiration), I prefer instrumental. I usually play music that fits with what I'm writing at that moment, but often, the music is what inspires me to create a new chapter, character or sub-plot. I have no doubt that without music my writing would begin to lose its color and depth, and my flow would ebb.
I do sometimes listen to classical music as I write. I particularly like Wagner and Debussy. My taste, however, tends to run toward modern composers such as John Barry, James Horner, Jim Brickman, John Williams and Yanni. I've added a few of my favorite "writing" tracks to the music player below. I'm sure you'll recognize some of them as most of the above composers have composed for soundtracks. If films had existed then, I'm sure that Beethoven, Mozart, Debussy, Wagner etc. would have been called upon to write their share of soundtracks. As it is, plenty of their music is used today in films anyway.
How could anyone not write something beautiful while listening to these? Enjoy....
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