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About Sherri Turner Stone
Sherri Turner StoneBorn Sherri Smallwood in Eastland, Texas on December 14, 1961, Sherri Turner Stone is an American writer currently living in England. She and two younger brothers were raised by grandparents in Cisco, Texas. At the age of 12, Sherri, an avid reader, decided she wanted to be a writer and began dabbling in poetry. She found she was able to use her writing to express feelings she could not otherwise convey.
Though she was unable to spend a great deal of time with her father, Larry Smallwood, she was greatly influenced by him. His long career as general manager and later publisher of the Pulitzer prize-winning Alice Echo-News in Alice, Texas introduced her to the inner workings of journalism. He later founded and published the South Texas Traveler, a monthly travel magazine distributed throughout Texas. Its feature stories included valuable in-depth articles on Texas history, which landed it a place in the University of Texas archives. Sherri would later become the author of several feature stories in the magazine, most notably "Lady With the Star," which recounted the history of the Texas State Capitol Building in Austin.
When her grandmother died of cancer in 1976, Sherri and her brothers moved to Burnet, Texas  to live with her mother and new step-father. It was during her years in high school there that she began to hone her writing skills. She was a writer on the school newspaper staff for three years and entered journalism and literary competition throughout high school. During her senior year, she placed 4th in the United Interscholastic League's (UIL) state competition for feature writing. She was awarded a scholarship by the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) for an essay written and recorded for the Voice of Democracy competition. During her senior year in high school, she also studied photography and developed a love for the art.
In 1983, Sherri went to work as a photojournalist for the Burnet Bulletin newspaper. During her time there, she wrote a weekly column featuring interesting people of the community. During that year, her first poem was published in the 1983 American Poetry Anthology.
She began a career in computers in 1986 and quickly moved into the field of technical/marketing writing—a career that she still enjoys today. She has worked as a senior writer for IBM (also editorial consultant) and Dell Computers. With varied writing skills, she also worked as a marketing writer for USAA Insurance, provider for the American military, and the Texas General Land Office working for the Director of Marine Environmental Affairs. While at Dell, she worked directly with Lucasfilm to write the first documentation for THX Surround Sound for PCs. Eventually she moved into management positions, first as a team manager at both IBM and Dell, and then later as Technical Publications Manager at Avery Weigh-Tronix in Birmingham, England. She then moved into the role of Information Development Manager for Avery Berkel, Europe's top retail scale manufacturer, headquartered in the UK.  
Sherri entered her first novel, Devil's Due, into competition in the 1994 annual writers' conference of the Golden Triangle Writers Guild (GTWG). The book won in the Horror category and gained representation by the David H. Morgan Literary Agency. In 1995, her second novel, Witness Moon, placed second in competition at the GTWG Writers' Conference in the Mystery/Suspense category. 
Sherri continues to write poetry. In the summer of 2001, she traveled to Ireland and spent five weeks soaking up the atmosphere and doing some heavy soul-searching while looking for her Irish roots. She also enjoyed attending six concerts by her favorite artist, Van Morrison, and provided concert reviews and photos for a UK music magazine devoted to Van Morrison. Some of her poetry and photography is inspired by that trip and the emotions evoked by Van's music.
NaNoWriMo winner 2009This Heart of Mine was published by the International Library of Poetry in Letters from the Soul. The same poem was also recorded on a three-CD set entitled The Sound of Poetry. The Far Away Sea was published in Patterns of Life in the summer of 2003.
Sherri was nominated for Poet of the Year in 2002 by the International Society of Poets and was formally inducted into the Society as an International Poet of Merit and Honored Member in August 2002. Two of her photographs were also published by the International Library of Photography. "West Texas Sunset" was featured in Infinite Illusions, and "Raindrops" appears in Passing Memories. In 2009, she was a winner in the annual NaNoWriMo novel-writing competition.
After a few years of contemplation, Sherri is currently working on a new novel, a cookbook and a children's book. Soul of My Soul, a book of poetry and short stories, is also forthcoming. She is also a freelance feature writer and has written features for several American magazines.
Sherri has two sons, Devin and Christopher, and currently lives in Birmingham, England.